The Concept:

My floors are inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement (1940s-1950s) defined by the spontaneous expression of the artist using abstract form and gesture. Rothko and De Kooning being my favourites.


  • Conservation/ listed building- existing old floors are covered by MDF for protection.
  • Concrete floors need to be covered by MDF too.
  • Laminated /tiled floors can be painted directly on / or covered with ply.
  • All floors are painted and lacquered with non-toxic acrylic paint and varnish which dries to a very hard and durable finish.
  • Each floor is site-specific and an original art work signed/dated by Anairam
  • Designed with the client’s approval for the colour scheme.

Production time scale:

  • Design agreed with client, subject to 50% advance payment
  • Fitting/preparing the floor and drawing :  one/two days (depending on size)
  • Painting the floor : one/two days (depending on size)
  • Lacquering/ drying time: one day.