Sculpture is my first language in the realm of Art. I actually speak volumes in sculpture language; convex volumes.
A convex volume is a flat surface pushed outward by the spirit within.
I have distilled six thousand years of sculpture history through my personal experience to produce my portraits. The result is hallucinatingly déjà-vu…yet completely authentic and original when viewed in context with similar portraits (like the Etruscan, Romanesque, etc)… but even more surprising perhaps is to find similarities with extremely contrasting styles like Brancusi, with his highly polished abstract sculpture.
What do these diametrically different works have in common?
The volumes are pregnant with the spirit within.
Brancusi’s work has a surface with a finely defined finish, while the surface of my portraits is rough, looking unfinished, yet in both cases the sculpture is alive with spirit imbued from inside out in convex volumes. The surface of the sculpture represents the delineation between spirit and matter, and that’s what the artist uses for expression/style.
I’m also interested in the concave/hollow aspect in sculpture in the work of other people, such as Barbara Hepworth. My interest in that case is as a consumer, but not in my work. That is another language…the concave language. The purpose of language and art is communication.
To me, the purpose of communication is to express my truth, so distilled that it could double for anybody’s truth.
Look out for both and enjoy your discoveries.