Delia Popa, Ioana Iliesu, Monica Madas
Photographed by Marius Caraman, Sebastian Heroiu
Music by Balanescu Quartet “Maria T”
Vocals by Monica Madas
Sound recorded by Horia Pascu
Edited by Sebastian Heroiu
Art works by Mariana Gordan, Mircea Roman
Written and directed by Mariana Gordan

With thanks to ICR ( Romanian Cultural Institute) London
(C) copyright 2007

(10 min) award-winning film ( Erasmus Prize for Communication & Jury’s Prize, Vienna 2008)

DISORIENT EXPRESS is my personal take on the EU’s unintended consequences, when, after removing the devising [physical] walls …we create new, inner walls instead!
…” Our Inner-Wall!…on which artists and politicians feel free to stick their bill posters”…
“…understanding begins but does not end with the act of perception!…”

DISORIENT EXPRESS is also the title of a sculpture installation by
Mircea Roman, with people pinned against the wall;… the inner wall…
of their destiny!

I wrote it  in Oct. 2007 after my return to London from a three months residency in Venice, to find the Press in the UK was up in arms about a ‘Romanian invasion ‘! … or rather, the prospect of one, as soon as Europe would open its borders for free movement to Romanians ( after a seven years head start for the EU in Romanian market !).

The film rings predictably true ten years later, and it may continue to do so for the foreseeable future…until the Romanians will retrieve their country from corruption and EU bureaucracy.